Everything You Need to Know About Bad Toe Alignment

Toe Alignment? My Vehicle Doesn't Have Toes!

Toe alignment may sound like an odd term. After all, your Vehicle doesn't have toes. The toe alignment has absolutely nothing to do with feet. It's one of the critical wheel alignment angles (camber, caster, toe, and thrust). These suspension angles keep your automobile's wheels in proper relationship with one another and the car itself. This enables you to control the Vehicle and steer effectively without causing undue stress or damage to other components. For more information or if you're in need of a wheel alignment, bring your Vehicle to North East Auto & Truck Service in Ocala, Florida.

Toe Alignment Explained

As stated, the toe is a suspension angle. It refers to the amount of inward or outward tilt of wheels. This would be particularly noticeable if you had the birdseye view from above. Wheels oriented closer together in the front than in the back are described as being "toed in." This condition allows the outside edges of the tire tread pattern to wear more quickly than other areas. Conversely, wheels that have less distance between them in the back than the front are said to be "toed out," enabling the inside edges to wear too quickly. This toe angle is important for several reasons. First, it will impact your ability to steer your car safely and comfortably. Second, it affects the lifespan of your tires. Improper toe adjustment is the most often cited reason for premature uneven tire wear.

Causes and Solutions

One might hope not only to be aware of toe misalignment but also to prevent it. This isn't always possible because the condition is often not the car owner's fault. One common culprit is the sudden jolt from a car crash, a jumped curb, or a giant pothole. Sometimes it's even the result of repeated smaller exposures to bumps or holes. Also, worn suspension parts and associated problems can begin to impact the toe if you don't recognize them. Finally, modifying the suspension system, including installing a lift kit, can adversely affect the toe. Your best solution is to get a wheel alignment performed as soon as possible to prevent additional damage. Your local toe and wheel alignment expert in North East Auto & Truck Service.

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