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Car A/C Repair in Ocala, FL

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Our Experts Repair Automotive Cooling Systems

In the summer heat, there are few better ways to stay cool than to sit in your car with the A/C running. Cooling systems help maintain a comfortable interior, but as the different components break or wear down, they become less effective at doing their job. Any time your car needs A/C repairs, you should bring it to the trained professionals at North East Auto and Truck Service. Based in Ocala, Florida, our state-of-the-art facility stocks the best tools, equipment, and parts on the market. Our certified technicians can inspect your system and make the necessary repairs, whether it’s leaking refrigerant, has a bad condenser, needs new cooling fans, or anything else. We’re open Monday through Friday, so if you need car A/C repairs, you can visit our shop — 2140 NE 36th Ave, STE 300-1, Ocala, FL 34470 — and let our experts take care of the rest!