Is a Diesel a Wise Choice for an Everyday Driver?

The Size and Purpose

Drivers have long known diesel-powered vehicles to be heavy haulers, but are they feasible for everyday driving? Specifically, you already know that nearly all large and heavy-duty vehicles utilize diesel power. What you may wonder, however, is whether that same kind of engine can provide comparable transportation and performance to a gasoline-powered model. While the size of the motor and the purpose for which it's used change, the general answer is yes. For more specific information and diesel repair, consult North East Auto & Truck Service in Ocala, Florida.

Function as Related to Practicality

The large diesel engines that power a semi are ideal for the long, heavy hauling tasks they perform. They're designed to run non-stop, so it's possible not to turn one off until time for a routine oil change. Also, they don't always offer a quick take-off, but they achieve plenty of torque. Once they get up to speed, they can tow a great deal of weight. In contrast, a gasoline engine provides more horsepower and, therefore, a quicker pick-up upon acceleration. However, it gives less torque. So how does this information translate to your decision about your passenger car? Although it may not be practical to drive a semi-sized automobile to run errands, get to work, or park in tight downtown spaces, a smaller diesel car does have its advantages. Because diesel combustion employs cooler temperatures with higher compression ratios, these engines get more mileage from each gallon of fuel. What's more, the diesel power plants are less complicated, presenting fewer problems and lasting longer than what might be expected of their gasoline counterparts. Finally, the newer diesels expel hardly any nitrogen oxide, decreasing the carbon dioxide footprint they leave behind. Thus, a diesel power plant in your daily driver is indeed feasible. You might even find it preferable.

Here to Support Your Choice

If you still cling to your gasoline engine, that's fine. However, if you're ready to make the shift to diesel, we'll help you support that choice. We offer all the services your vehicle needs, including reliable diesel engine repair. Thus, North East Auto & Truck Service is a solid choice regardless of the make or model you select.

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