What Is an Engine Misfire?

What Is It?

Even if you don't have extensive mechanical experience, you've probably heard someone speaking about an engine misfire. This condition occurs when power is not produced in one of the cylinders. The "fire" is a small controlled explosion produced by fuel, oxygen, compression, and heat in an internal combustion engine. Each cylinder should fire during each timing cycle. This allows the fuel source to be transformed into power used to move your vehicle forward. When this process is disrupted in one of the cylinders, the term "misfire" is applied. You may notice signs such as hesitation, slower than normal acceleration, an uneven operating sound, or even poor gas mileage. If you suspect misfires or otherwise need engine repair, bring your vehicle to veteran-owned North East Auto & Truck Service in Ocala, Florida.

What Can Cause It?

Since any interruption to the combustion process can cause a misfire, there are multiple potential causes. For example, spark plugs are often the first place to look. Once the tips become worn or burned away, plugs are no longer effective. They may eventually stop producing a spark at all. Fortunately, modern spark plugs don't foul as frequently as they used to because they are made from stronger materials that make the components sturdier. If this is indeed the culprit, a tune-up will alleviate the problem. Also, improperly functioning fuel injectors can be an underlying factor in misfires. Your engine needs fuel entering the cylinders. If an injector is dirty or clogged, there may be an insufficient supply to enable that cylinder to fire. Vacuum hoses help pull air to where it's needed. If a small breach in a hose creates a vacuum leak, the cylinder may not have enough oxygen to affect the necessary combustion. Finally, your engine has an ignition coil pack per two cylinders. If the coil is bad or the wiring that delivers electricity to the spark plug is frayed or broken, there can be a firing failure.

What's to be Done About It?

When you notice misfiring--whether constant or intermittent--seek help from one of the technicians at North East Auto & Truck Service before additional trouble occurs. We'll connect your vehicle to the OBD-II reader to obtain a trouble code that will point us in the direction of the problem. Using our knowledge and experience, we'll pinpoint the exact nature of the problem, correcting it so that your engine returns to running smoothly.

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